The Comforter bubble bar | Review

This is a product that came in my Happy Bathday birthday tin. It’s quite small, so I think it may be the mini version? I was so excited to receive this on my birthday as I’ve been really craving a bubble bar!

I am familiar with the scent, as I’ve had The Comforter shower gel, which I really loved. The scent is quite medicinal and to me the scent has a berry undertone to it? That’s just my personal  opinion of the scent. It’s a very strong scent, so just bear that in mind if you’re considering giving this bubble bar a go. The scent is very, well, comforting, so perfect for winter evening baths.

Really nice bubble bar, and lasts for more than one bath too! I have used half of it so far and it made my bath water turn deep pink and it produced a lot of bubbles. I imagine the larger size could be split into quarters and used for 4 baths! This bubble bar (full size) retails for £4.75.

Hope you enjoyed this post,

Flynn x





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