Dragon’s egg bath bomb | Review

Hey guys!

See?! I told you I’d be more active!

So, here’s my thoughts on the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb. I am very ashamed to say that the reason I have never bought this myself (this was a birthday present) was because I thought it looked “boring”. No judgement please, I just really enjoy the aesthetic of colourful products! However, this little gem had a few surprises in store once I dropped it into the tub.

It has a very strong citrus smell, similar to the Sea Monsters fun bar, so if you’re not down with that scent, I’d stay away. It essentially smells like the lush shop itself, so you know how overpowering I’m talking. However, I’m loving citrus scents at the moment, so I was loving this bath bomb!

So you drop it into the tub, and it fizzes very slowly at first, turning your bath water a kind of “milky” colour. However, give it a few minutes and the orange centre is revealed. The swirling pattern of the white and orange is mesmerising to watch! It also contains small little pieces of rice paper (?) which float on top of the water, which is super cute and fun. It also contains yet another surprise – popping candy!

It’s a really cool bath bomb, and I’d definitely try it if you haven’t already. I had my doubts but I think this will become a firm favourite of mine.

This retails for £3.75, which I’d regard as a mid-high range bath bomb. This is part of the permanent lush range, so you can get it whenever you fancy! (Though shipping for Christmas ends today for Lush). Why not give it a go and see? Comment down below your thoughts on this devious little bath bomb!

Flynn x


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