The Experimenter | Review

I’ve had this bath bomb so many times, can’t believe I haven’t reviewed it yet! As luck would have it, I got another one for my birthday, so I could take a photo of it (albiet not a very good one!). This bath bomb is everything to me. It is such an amazing bath bomb, and it guaranteed to make your bath magical!

As you can see in the photo, this bath bomb is beautiful. It’s got a unique shape to it, as most of Lush’s permanent bath bombs are spherical. The Experimenter is definitely one of Lush’s most iconic and famous bath bombs. It was one of the first ones I bought. If you’re looking for a pretty, aesthetic bath bomb, then The Experimenter is the one for you!

And now onto the scent. It’s very citrusy, which I love. I’m a big fan of citrus scents for my bath. It really soothes me. The scent isn’t too overpowering, which is often a problem for some of Lush’s other products. A lot of people find their scents overwhelming, which isn’t really what you want when you’re trying to relax in the tub. The Experimenter has just enough of a scent for you to appreciate it, but it isn’t too powerful.

I have suspicions that Lush have changed the formula of this bath bomb, because when I used this one, it turned my bath water teal, which it doesn’t usually do for me. It was also quite opaque, which is new. I’m loving the colour though!

Overall, The Experimenter is a lushie must! It retails for £4.25, so it is one of the more expensive bath bombs, but by god is it worth it!

Hope you all have had an amazing holiday season, I’ve got lots of new Lush goodies to review for you over the next month or so! ❤

Flynn x



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