This is a very sad post for me to write, as Yoga bomb is being  discontinued. I’m not 100% sure when they’ll be completely discontinued, but at the moment I can’t find them on Lush’s UK website (it is still on the US website). I’ve always loved Yoga bomb and it’s been my go-to anxiety-busting bomb for a number of years. I’m also very sad that Yoga bomb doesn’t share it’s unique scent with any other Lush product. I’m hoping the kitchen will bring it back at some point. Anyway, on with the review!

Yoga bomb’s main feature, personally, is it’s signature scent, with the main product being Sandalwood oil. This gives Yoga bomb a gorgeous earthy scent. Other ingredients include Olibanum oil and Ho Wood oil. These beautiful oils combine to create a very relaxing scent, perfect for when your day has been tough!

Don’t be deceived by this bath bomb’s “plain” appearance, for it holds secrets! The bath bomb initially releases a gorgeous orange colour, which turns your bath water a beautiful orange-gold colour, with plenty of lustre (honestly, this gives Intergalactic a run for it’s money in terms of glitter content!).


But then…


Your bath explodes into a rainbow of blue, purple and green! This bath bomb really is a showstopper in terms of bath art. It’s a slow-fizzer as well, so you can enjoy the show throughout your bath.

Overall thoughts? 

Scent? 10/10

Color/bath art? 8/10

Bath time experience? 9/10

Mood-boosting? 10/10

This bath bomb retails for £4.25, and if you see it back on the UK website, goddammit buy this bath bomb! You’ll thank me next time you’re having a meh day!

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Fragrance, Cream of Tartar, Cassie Absolute, Olibanum Oil, Ho Wood Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Water (Aqua), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Lauryl Betaine, Benzyl Benzoate, Eugenol, Limonene, Linalool, Snowflake Lustre; Frosty Holly and Gold Glimmer Lustre

Hope you enjoyed this review, follow for more Lush r#eviews!

Flynn x


Mini Lush haul

Hi guys!

Sorry it’s been so long!

  1. Been quite poor, so no money for Lush goodies 😦
  2. Exams are coming up and I’m been tucked away in my room revising.

But I’m here now! I decided to treat myself to a few little goodies, some of which I’ve never tried before. I’ll do an updated review when I’ve used everything, but I’ll just do a little overview now of my first impressions.

Karma Komba shampoo bar

This smells great & I can’t wait to use it! Karma is my favourite scent from Lush and I was so excited to discover that it came in shampoo form! I can’t wait to use this in the shower tomorrow!

Yoga Bomb

I’ve had this bath bomb before and I absolutely love it! ❤ It smells divine and it’s so buttery on your skin. I would definitely recommend giving this one a go.

Lava Lamp

Wasn’t sure what to make of this online, since it seems to have an Austin Powers theme (NOT a fan), but the cute look of this lured me in. It smells very citrusy, which is a scent I really enjoy in my bath. Can’t wait to use it!

Guardian of the Forest

I have been waiting for ages for this one to come back in stock online! I’ve seen it so many times on other blogs and youtube etc. and I’ve wanted it so badly! It smells very nice and earthy, kind of smells a little bit like the ultra violet bubble bar (but without the violet, if that makes sense?) I’m really excited to see what this one looks like in the water!

And that’s it for my mini little Lush haul. I will update you all on how I like these products in the coming month.

Flynn x