Hi guys, this is my review for the Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb. This is a very much overlooked product, unless you’re a lushie with kids, but I personally think this product has some really great properties, that can benefit everyone!

Ickle Baby Bot is a bath bomb designed for small children, so it’s shaped like an adorable robot. It’s super gentle and very plain, meaning it won’t irritate young skin. However, I think this bath bomb is a must-have for adults as well! It’s main ingredient is Lavender oil, which is known for it’s soothing properties. It’s great for skin irritation, such as bites or sunburn. I’m planning on stocking up this summer to have something on hand to soothe any unfortunate burn I manage to acquire!

Lavender oil is combined with Chamomile oil, which is also very soothing and calming for the skin. With a hint of Sandalwood, this bath bomb is perfect for a summer nighttime bath, to help heal both your skin and your soul.

This bath bomb is quite small, so it only costs a mere £1.95! It also turns your bath water a gorgeous baby blue colour, so who could resist? It’s definitely going to one of my go-to bath products for sore skin this summer!

(The scent is also very similar to Sleepy body lotion! *wink wink*)

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Lavender Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Chamomile Blue Oil, Limonene, Linalool, Perfume, Colour 42053, Colour 42090

I hope you enjoyed this (short) review! Lots of exciting new posts coming very soon!

Flynn x

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The Christmas Penguin bubble bar | Review

Hi guys,

I know it’s almost February and this is from the Christmas range, but I’ve only just gotten round to using this little guy! He was just too adorable to use! I have two of these and they’ve been sitting on my shelf since Christmas Day! Anyway, on with the (albeit late) review.

Firstly, this is such a nice smelling bubble bar. It’s quite a fruity scent, which checks out since it’s meant to contain orange flower absolute. It’s quite a strong scent, but it’s super, super gorgeous, so this doesn’t bother me one bit.

This bubble bar turns your water a lovely faint blue colour and creates lots of bubbles. It’s not a very dramatic bath product, but most bubble bars aren’t, so this isn’t unusual. The bubble bar has a small little orange jelly-like substance, which acts as the penguin’s nose. I can’t really tell what the substance is and it’s also gone from the website, so it’s a mystery!

Not much to say I’m afraid, but this doesn’t mean it’s a bad product! I loved this little guy and I’m very glad I was gifted two for Christmas!

(Sorry, couldn’t find out how much this retailed for!)

Flynn x


Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb | Review

Hi guys! ❤ Another festive favourite of mine today – the Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb! I had this bath bomb last year too and couldn’t wait for it to come back! It’s super cute and very christmassy, what more could you want from a festive bath bomb?

(I didn’t really enjoy using the new format, so I’ve decided to move back to my old format)

Firstly, let’s take a look at how this bath bomb looks. It’s very loosely inspired by a traditional Christmas pudding, but with a fun lush twist. The spots on the side become miniature bath bombs in the water, which make a spectacular show! The bright pink colour is inviting and is what is responsible for the colour of the water.

Luxury Lush Pud shares its scent with the Twilight bath bomb as well, which is a soft Lavender scent. It smells great, but personally I found it quite subtle. However, a lot of people like that type of scent.

This bath bomb leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, like most of Lush’s bath bombs. It’s not overly glittery, so no need to worry about finding glitter for weeks! It also doesn’t stain your bath tub at all, which is always a bonus! The only problem I personally had with this bath bomb is that it was quite crumbly. I didn’t remember it being this crumbly last year, so maybe there has been a formula change?

Overall, a key player in Lush’s Christmas range! Roll on Christmas 2017! ❤

Flynn x

(I’m soon going to be adding more pictures/demos into my blog posts, so stay tuned for that!)