Snowie Bubble bar | RIP David Bowie

(I am very aware that it is March)

Hi guys! Another bubble bar review today! This time, it’s Snowie, a bubble bar dedicated to the late and great David Bowie, who passed away 10th January 2016. As soon as I saw this product online, I knew I had to own it. It’s a cute little “snowman”, with the iconic Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt across it. It’s super cute and it’s full of gorgeous lustre. When I opened mine on Christmas Day, it was a little crumbled, some of the lightning bolt was missing and so was the blue eye. However, this didn’t really matter to me – I was just so excited to have it!

The fact that the main component of the bubble bar is white made me a little dubious about how it would perform in the bath, but I was very surprised! It turned my water a gorgeous milky white, with plenty of lustre. It instantly reminded me of the Christmas period. It produced huge amounts of bubbles as well – my bath was completely overwhelmed! You definitely could get at least two uses out of it, but I couldn’t bring myself to chop it in half.

It smells super fresh and uplifting, with key ingredients of Neroli and Grapefruit oil. It stayed on my skin/hair for hours afterwards and I woke up the next day still smelling great!

Sadly, this bubble bar was part of the Christmas range, but I’m hoping they’ll bring it back for next year, as an ongoing tribute to Bowie. This was such a nice way for Lush to honour him and the design is absolutely perfect! If this product returns for Christmas 2017, I’d 100% recommend getting one, for a warm, uplifting bath!

This bubble bar retailed for £3.95.

Flynn x


Santasaurus reusable bubble bar | Review

Hi guys! Yes, it is February, but I’ve only just gotten round to using this bubble bar. I have so many amazing products to use in my baths, that things often get overlooked. Sorry! >o<

Anyway, on with the review! This is by far the cutest member of the Lush christmas range. I saw this little guy online and I feel in love! I popped it on my Christmas Lush list and hoped I’d get it for Christmas, and I did! It’s such a cute bubble bar and I almost didn’t want to use it! (I have the very same issue with Pink Flamingo!).

This Christmas bubble bar is part of the Honey I washed the kids scent family, which made me swell with joy. It’s honestly one of my top Lush scents (second only to Snow Fairy). When you smell this in the bath, you can really smell that gorgeous sweet honey!

Santasaurus is green, so it obviously turns your bath water a lovely bright green, however it does fade quite quickly. It doesn’t contain any glitter or lustre (like many bubble bars). Ir creates plenty of bubbles and it’s definitely worth the £5.95, as I reckon you can get 4 or maybe even 5 baths out of this! That’s one of my favourite things about Lush bubble bars, you really do get a lot for your money!

Honestly, an amazing bubble bar, with a to die for scent. If you’re looking for a super relaxing, soothing bath, grab one of these cuties this Christmas!

Flynn x

Father Christmas bath bomb | Review

Okay, so this bath bomb should have been the best of the goddamn bunch for me, given how cute it is and how much I loved it last year. However, I personally feel like this one fell a little short for me.

This bath bomb is (obviously) shaped like Santa’s face, which is pretty cute (though I do find it mildly creepy to look at?). It’s not got much going on, no glitter on the outside or anything. Now, this is fine. This is totally fine. Do I prefer fun and colourful bath bombs? Yes, but this one is pretty adorable.

This bath bomb does kind of come to life in the tub? However, it’s quite a slow fizzer and took maybe 10 minutes to fully dissolve. This is always a huge disappointment to me. I love very explosive bath bombs. After a while the green core begins to dissolve, which turns your bath water into a christmassy green. I mean, it’s nice, but barely any glitter and not really that pigmented? Honestly, disappointing aesthetically.


However, it does have a nice scent to it, though nothing overpowering. Honestly? This really isn’t a product I can rave about. It’s kinda cute, but essentially it’s just not by kind of bath bath. However, it might be for you!

Overall, cute design, pleasant scent, but nothing spectacular about it. I’m pretty sure this retails for £3.95, but could be wrong about that? As ever, Christmas products are only available during the festive season.

Flynn x

Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb | Review

Hi guys! ❤ I can’t find this one the website anymore, so I’m presuming this was also part of Lush’s 2017 Christmas range? Who knows, it’s not really that festive, so maybe they’ll bring it back? (I hope they do!)

Anyway, on with the review! This bath  bomb, in my opinion, smells quite like orange, which would match the colour the water turns. It’s a very nice soothing scent, which would be perfect for waking you up on a morning!

DSC_0562FINAL.jpg  DSC_0574FINAL.jpg

As you can see, Never Mind the Ballistics creates a gorgeous pink and yellow pattern on the water as it dissolves. This has got to be one of my favourites for presentation and aesthetic! I’d definitely recommend this bath bomb if you’re looking for the wow factor!

Overall, really pretty bath bomb. It looks, smells and feels great!

(Hope you like the new images I’ve added!)

Flynn x




Golden Wonder bath bomb | Review

Hey guys! Another Christmas lush review for you! This time, it’s Golden Wonder! I wanted this so badly last year but it was always sold out, so this year I put it on my Christmas lush wish and I was very lucky to get one from my parents! I have fallen in love with the gorgeous bath bomb, definitely a Christmas must-have!

I’m going to be trying a new format to my reviews, so leave some comments down below about the new layout! (I might not keep it, just going to see how it fares!)


-gorgeous colour

-surprising ending

-glitter is super pretty and makes it feel extra special

-lovely citrus scent

-very soothing


-lots and lots of glitter! (make sure you wash out your bath at the end!)

-it’s sadly limited edition for Christmas 😦

-it’s on the more expensive side, with a retail price of £4.95

-glitter will stay on your body for days (personally, this is a pro for me!)

Overall, a fun Christmas bath bomb, perfect to enjoy on a cold winter night or morning. Gorgeous colour and smells divine!

Again, not sure if this format is quite right, just testing it out! Sometimes I think I ramble a little too much, so this might cut it down a bit and focus on the really key areas of a product.

Thanks so much to all my readers!

Flynn x

The Experimenter | Review

I’ve had this bath bomb so many times, can’t believe I haven’t reviewed it yet! As luck would have it, I got another one for my birthday, so I could take a photo of it (albiet not a very good one!). This bath bomb is everything to me. It is such an amazing bath bomb, and it guaranteed to make your bath magical!

As you can see in the photo, this bath bomb is beautiful. It’s got a unique shape to it, as most of Lush’s permanent bath bombs are spherical. The Experimenter is definitely one of Lush’s most iconic and famous bath bombs. It was one of the first ones I bought. If you’re looking for a pretty, aesthetic bath bomb, then The Experimenter is the one for you!

And now onto the scent. It’s very citrusy, which I love. I’m a big fan of citrus scents for my bath. It really soothes me. The scent isn’t too overpowering, which is often a problem for some of Lush’s other products. A lot of people find their scents overwhelming, which isn’t really what you want when you’re trying to relax in the tub. The Experimenter has just enough of a scent for you to appreciate it, but it isn’t too powerful.

I have suspicions that Lush have changed the formula of this bath bomb, because when I used this one, it turned my bath water teal, which it doesn’t usually do for me. It was also quite opaque, which is new. I’m loving the colour though!

Overall, The Experimenter is a lushie must! It retails for £4.25, so it is one of the more expensive bath bombs, but by god is it worth it!

Hope you all have had an amazing holiday season, I’ve got lots of new Lush goodies to review for you over the next month or so! ❤

Flynn x