Snowie Bubble bar | RIP David Bowie

(I am very aware that it is March)

Hi guys! Another bubble bar review today! This time, it’s Snowie, a bubble bar dedicated to the late and great David Bowie, who passed away 10th January 2016. As soon as I saw this product online, I knew I had to own it. It’s a cute little “snowman”, with the iconic Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt across it. It’s super cute and it’s full of gorgeous lustre. When I opened mine on Christmas Day, it was a little crumbled, some of the lightning bolt was missing and so was the blue eye. However, this didn’t really matter to me – I was just so excited to have it!

The fact that the main component of the bubble bar is white made me a little dubious about how it would perform in the bath, but I was very surprised! It turned my water a gorgeous milky white, with plenty of lustre. It instantly reminded me of the Christmas period. It produced huge amounts of bubbles as well – my bath was completely overwhelmed! You definitely could get at least two uses out of it, but I couldn’t bring myself to chop it in half.

It smells super fresh and uplifting, with key ingredients of Neroli and Grapefruit oil. It stayed on my skin/hair for hours afterwards and I woke up the next day still smelling great!

Sadly, this bubble bar was part of the Christmas range, but I’m hoping they’ll bring it back for next year, as an ongoing tribute to Bowie. This was such a nice way for Lush to honour him and the design is absolutely perfect! If this product returns for Christmas 2017, I’d 100% recommend getting one, for a warm, uplifting bath!

This bubble bar retailed for £3.95.

Flynn x


Ultraviolet bubble bar

Bought this bubble bar based on the fact that it has the same scent as Daddy-o shampoo (one of my favourite lush scents). It smells wonderful and leaves the scent on your skin and hair after your bath. The scent is a little unusual, so if you were to purchase one of these, pop into store to have a sniff first. I personally think the smell is a combination of daddy-o shampoo and freshly cut grass (no, not a new lush product!)

Great value for money. I chose to cut this bubble bar into 3 chunks, to get 3 baths from it. Even with a small chunk, it produces loads of bubbles and turns your bath water a deep purple-blue colour.

Sadly this product was only available for a limited time! Hopefully they’ll bring it out again next year- I’ll be waiting.

RRP: £4.75

Not sure on samples of bubble bars, but why not ask just in case?