Snowie Bubble bar | RIP David Bowie

(I am very aware that it is March)

Hi guys! Another bubble bar review today! This time, it’s Snowie, a bubble bar dedicated to the late and great David Bowie, who passed away 10th January 2016. As soon as I saw this product online, I knew I had to own it. It’s a cute little “snowman”, with the iconic Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt across it. It’s super cute and it’s full of gorgeous lustre. When I opened mine on Christmas Day, it was a little crumbled, some of the lightning bolt was missing and so was the blue eye. However, this didn’t really matter to me – I was just so excited to have it!

The fact that the main component of the bubble bar is white made me a little dubious about how it would perform in the bath, but I was very surprised! It turned my water a gorgeous milky white, with plenty of lustre. It instantly reminded me of the Christmas period. It produced huge amounts of bubbles as well – my bath was completely overwhelmed! You definitely could get at least two uses out of it, but I couldn’t bring myself to chop it in half.

It smells super fresh and uplifting, with key ingredients of Neroli and Grapefruit oil. It stayed on my skin/hair for hours afterwards and I woke up the next day still smelling great!

Sadly, this bubble bar was part of the Christmas range, but I’m hoping they’ll bring it back for next year, as an ongoing tribute to Bowie. This was such a nice way for Lush to honour him and the design is absolutely perfect! If this product returns for Christmas 2017, I’d 100% recommend getting one, for a warm, uplifting bath!

This bubble bar retailed for £3.95.

Flynn x

Mum bath bomb | Mother’s Day 2017

Hi guys! I’m so excited, because my Mother’s Day purchases arrived a few days ago! I’m super, super excited because I picked up one of the much awaited Mother Earth bath bombs! Stay tuned for the review! I picked up a few other bath bombs, and one was, of course, the Mum bath bomb! I was on quite a tight budget this year, so I pretty excited when I saw this was only £2.95! Definitely a good one if you’re saving all your pennies for the Easter range!

Anyway, on with the review! This bath bomb is super cute and would make a great present for Mother’s Day! However, my mum doesn’t really enjoy bath bombs (at all), so I decided to buy it for myself. It’s quite a small bath bomb (which is to be expected at such a low price), but it still packs a punch! It’s made with Rose oil, so it has a gorgeous floral scent, with some nice citrus-y undertones from the Sicilian lemon and Sweet orange oils.

This is quite a fast-fizzer, so don’t blink! It turns your bath water a beautiful deep pink. I fancied some bubbles in my bath, so I added in a bit of Snow Fairy too. Embedded within the bath bomb is a secret message, which reads “I ❤ Mum”, which I thought was absolutely adorable (and another reason why this would be a A+ present!).



Overall, really nice little bath bomb, nice floral but fresh scent and a price that doesn’t break the bank!

Flynn x

p.s – please ignore my gross hand >.<

Two Hearts Beating As One bath melt | Valentine’s 2017

Another Valentine’s review for you guys! This time, it’s finally something that’s not a bath bomb! It’s the Two Hearts Beating As One bath melt! I don’t have a lot of experience with bath melts, I’ve only ever tried the Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment bath oil, which, in my opinion, was completely different to a bath melt. This product seemed to have a lot more pigment and definitely had a much bigger impact on the colour of the water.

Like most of Lush’s Valentine’s products, this is predominantly rose scented. And by god, does this thing smell strong! It’s not the subtle, so-so product that I was expecting. I originally purchased this to use in a bath cocktail, as I thought it wouldn’t hold it’s own. However, I was very (very) wrong! The smell was very intense and was more impressive than some bath bombs/bubble bars I’ve used!

This bath melt actually produced bubbles as well, which was another surprise for me! However, if you’re looking for a lot of bubbles, maybe add in some shower gel or a bubble bar. It turns your bath water a very pigmented, almost neon pink. As you’d imagine from a bath melt, it’s super smooth and buttery on the skin and leaves you feeling gorgeously soft afterwards, which is down to the beautiful Apricot oil used in it.

I only used half of this product in my bath (the pink half) because I’m pretty broke right now and I’m desperately trying to save my remaining Lush! However, my bath was still amazing just with the one half! I’m presuming the water would also be pink if you used both halves, but it might be a little more peachy.

Overall, a great product, with a unique design and beautiful scent. If you’re interested in giving it a go, then get to Lush quickly, the Valentine’s Day range will soon be over! It’s only £3.95, so why not treat yourself?

Flynn x

Santasaurus reusable bubble bar | Review

Hi guys! Yes, it is February, but I’ve only just gotten round to using this bubble bar. I have so many amazing products to use in my baths, that things often get overlooked. Sorry! >o<

Anyway, on with the review! This is by far the cutest member of the Lush christmas range. I saw this little guy online and I feel in love! I popped it on my Christmas Lush list and hoped I’d get it for Christmas, and I did! It’s such a cute bubble bar and I almost didn’t want to use it! (I have the very same issue with Pink Flamingo!).

This Christmas bubble bar is part of the Honey I washed the kids scent family, which made me swell with joy. It’s honestly one of my top Lush scents (second only to Snow Fairy). When you smell this in the bath, you can really smell that gorgeous sweet honey!

Santasaurus is green, so it obviously turns your bath water a lovely bright green, however it does fade quite quickly. It doesn’t contain any glitter or lustre (like many bubble bars). Ir creates plenty of bubbles and it’s definitely worth the £5.95, as I reckon you can get 4 or maybe even 5 baths out of this! That’s one of my favourite things about Lush bubble bars, you really do get a lot for your money!

Honestly, an amazing bubble bar, with a to die for scent. If you’re looking for a super relaxing, soothing bath, grab one of these cuties this Christmas!

Flynn x

Cupid Bath Bomb | Valentine’s 2017

Hi guys! Another Valentine’s Day review for you! This time, Cupid! This bath bomb is very cute, but I feel this is often overlooked when people talk about the Valentine’s range? I’m presuming that it’s because this bath bomb isn’t too, “exciting”? I personally quite liked this little bath bomb!

This product is bursting with beautiful scents! It is of course mainly rose-scented, but it also contains violet flower absolute, bergamot oil and Persian lime oil, with raspberry juice as well, so this is a must-have if you enjoy the more fruity, sweet scents! For reference, this bath bomb smells the same as the Razzle Dazzle luxury bath oil!

Cupid is obviously very aesthetically-pleasing, shaped as a cute cupid’s heart. It’s quite small, but it’s a slow fizzer, so don’t worry about this bath bomb being gone too quickly! It took around 10 minutes for mine to fully dissolve in my tub. This bath bomb doesn’t really produce much in the water, just turns your water pink, so if you’re after a bit more, I’d suggest maybe adding a shower gel/bubble bar for some bubbles! (I added in some Snow Fairy!).


Overall, super cute bath bomb! The smell is very refreshing and pleasant and at only £2.95, how could you resist? Stock up on these before the Valentine’s range disappears!

Flynn x

Big Blue bath bomb | Review

Hi guys! ❤ Another bath bomb review for you all! This time, it’s Big Blue, one of Lush’s permanent bath bombs. It’s got a very unique feel to it, so I was excited to try it out. I bought this over Christmas, so I’ve had lots of Lush goodies to use, so sorry it’s taken me so long to review one of Lush’s staple bombs!

This bath bomb smells great. It really gives off sea breeze vibes. The lemon and lavender oils blend together perfectly, and the sea salt adds the essence of the sea. It was a really nice uplifting smell, which reminded me of my holiday to Menorca in the summer (how I miss that beautiful island!). It’s such a gorgeous smell, and it’ll leave your entire bath room smelling wonderful for hours after your bath.

The unique aspects of this bath bomb are the sea salt and the seaweed that’s hidden within this bath bomb. The sea salt adds a great smell and transforms your bath into your own little ocean. However, I wasn’t a fan of the seaweed. I thought there was just too much in the bath bomb. It completely covered the water and got everywhere! It was even in my hair! I wished I’d looked at this bath bomb online before buying it in store, because if I’d known about the seaweed I probably wouldn’t have purchased it. I’m not a fan of seaweed at all, and I’ve never liked the feeling of it on my skin. This is personal preference though, so some of you might really enjoy the seaweed! It is extremely soft, but I really didn’t like it.


(I mean, come on, some of those seaweed strands look like slugs)

Other than that, I did enjoy the bath bomb, but the seaweed just wasn’t for me at all. This bath bomb is one of the cheaper ones, with a retail price of £3.50. If you enjoy unique bath bombs, then this one might be your new favourite!

Flynn x

The Christmas Penguin bubble bar | Review

Hi guys,

I know it’s almost February and this is from the Christmas range, but I’ve only just gotten round to using this little guy! He was just too adorable to use! I have two of these and they’ve been sitting on my shelf since Christmas Day! Anyway, on with the (albeit late) review.

Firstly, this is such a nice smelling bubble bar. It’s quite a fruity scent, which checks out since it’s meant to contain orange flower absolute. It’s quite a strong scent, but it’s super, super gorgeous, so this doesn’t bother me one bit.

This bubble bar turns your water a lovely faint blue colour and creates lots of bubbles. It’s not a very dramatic bath product, but most bubble bars aren’t, so this isn’t unusual. The bubble bar has a small little orange jelly-like substance, which acts as the penguin’s nose. I can’t really tell what the substance is and it’s also gone from the website, so it’s a mystery!

Not much to say I’m afraid, but this doesn’t mean it’s a bad product! I loved this little guy and I’m very glad I was gifted two for Christmas!

(Sorry, couldn’t find out how much this retailed for!)

Flynn x


Ladybug bubble bar | Valentine’s 2017

Hi guys! Another Valentine’s range review for you! This time it’s the adorable Ladybug bubble bar, which certainly lives up to it’s name! This is such a cute bubble bar, and it rivals my all time favourite bubble bar, Pink Flamingo! On with the review!

So first off, this bubble bar is quite chunky, which means it’s perfect for multiple uses. I personally used half of it in my bath. It still produced plenty of bubbles and turned the water a gorgeous deep pink-red colour! If you’re after loads of bubbles, then I wouldn’t recommend cutting it down any further than halves.

I bought this product based on it’s looks, so I wasn’t sure what to expect with the scent. It’s quite a sweet, fruity smell, with faint hints of The Comforter? The Lush website states it contains peppermint too, but I couldn’t really detect that to be honest. It’s a very lingering smell; my hair smelled like it for hours afterwards (which is definitely not a bad thing!).

I always struggle on what to say about bubble bars, such they don’t really produce any patterns on the water etc., as their main purpose is to create bubbles.

Overall, cute little bubble bar, retailing at a respectable £3.95 – I’d grab this before it’s too late!

Flynn x

Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb | Valentine’s 2017

Hi guys! I was having a bad day and decided to purchase a few bits from the 2017 Valentine’s Day range! Here’s my thoughts on the delicate, gorgeous Rose Bombshell bath bomb.

Firstly, the scent is very, very overwhelming. If you don’t like Rose, do not buy this! It’s a very nice smell, thought it definitely is quite strong (I didn’t have a very long bath, it was quite sickly to be honest). However, some people might love the scent! I’m not used to rose-scented products, so I think I’m a bit sensitive to them!

This bath bomb is quick. Blink, and you’ll miss it! It turns your bath water a lovely bright pink colour, which is very opaque (a pet peeve of mine is when the water isn’t pigmented). Once it’s done fizzing, it releases rose petals into the bath, which is such a nice touch. I really love little surprises in bath bombs. There was no problems with staining, but do make sure you pick out the rose petals before draining, since they clogged up my plug!


Overall, sweet little bath bomb, perfect for a romantic evening for two (or just a good old solo soak!). This bath bomb retails for £4.25, which personally I find to be a little pricey for such a plain bath bomb, but that’s just my opinion.

Flynn x

Rose Jam Bubbleroon | Review

Hi guys!

Something a bit different today – a bubbleroon! I know I’ve been completely obsessed with bath bombs lately, so I decided to try something new in my tub today. I’ve never been that interested in the Rose Jam range. This product came in the Happy Bathday tin, so I didn’t really have any choice but to give it a try!

This is such a cute little product! It’s super adorable and combines two of my loves in life: Lush and Macaroons. I’ve seen them in the shops many times, but I’ve just never been drawn to them before. I’m always been distracted by glorious bath bomb displays, or some of the bubble bars (particularly anything multi-coloured). This bubbleroon is bright pink, with a lighter pink “filling” and is dusted with chunky glitter. It looks good enough to eat!

This smells like all of the other Rose Jam products (shower gel etc.), so it obviously smells like rose! I don’t normally go for this scent, and I did find it a little bit too much when I smelt the product directly, but it became so much more subtle when I used it in my bath.

This product will turn your bath water bright pink and make a ridiculous amount of bubbles! I’m not having the best of days, so instead of halving it (like I do with bubble bars) I crumbled the entire thing under running water. This was incredibly messy. Recently, I have discovered a cool way of dispersing the bubble bar, without getting it absolutely everywhere – use a sieve! I saw this online somewhere and a lightbulb went off. It’s such a cool idea and I’m definitely doing to be using it for my next bubble bar.

Overall, cute little product, nice Rose scent and a little goes along way (believe me, there was a lot of bubbles in my bath). I’d definitely recommend trying a bubbleroon sometime soon! This product retails for £3.95, and if you’re not sure if you’d like it, why not ask someone for a demo in store?

Flynn x

Father Christmas bath bomb | Review

Okay, so this bath bomb should have been the best of the goddamn bunch for me, given how cute it is and how much I loved it last year. However, I personally feel like this one fell a little short for me.

This bath bomb is (obviously) shaped like Santa’s face, which is pretty cute (though I do find it mildly creepy to look at?). It’s not got much going on, no glitter on the outside or anything. Now, this is fine. This is totally fine. Do I prefer fun and colourful bath bombs? Yes, but this one is pretty adorable.

This bath bomb does kind of come to life in the tub? However, it’s quite a slow fizzer and took maybe 10 minutes to fully dissolve. This is always a huge disappointment to me. I love very explosive bath bombs. After a while the green core begins to dissolve, which turns your bath water into a christmassy green. I mean, it’s nice, but barely any glitter and not really that pigmented? Honestly, disappointing aesthetically.


However, it does have a nice scent to it, though nothing overpowering. Honestly? This really isn’t a product I can rave about. It’s kinda cute, but essentially it’s just not by kind of bath bath. However, it might be for you!

Overall, cute design, pleasant scent, but nothing spectacular about it. I’m pretty sure this retails for £3.95, but could be wrong about that? As ever, Christmas products are only available during the festive season.

Flynn x

Shooting Stars bath bomb | Review

Oh. My. God.

This bath bomb is honestly the best goddamn bath bomb I’ve ever seen. It looked stunning when I unwrapped it on Christmas day, but nothing can compare to the beautiful display once it’s placed in the water.

The bath bomb itself is absolutely stunning, with a vibrant sparkly blue base and gold glittery stars to decorate. It’s not too crumbly and has managed to stay in one piece in my lush storage tin.

It smells divine as well. Personally, it reminds me of The Experimenter, which is essentially a mix-up of many different scents.

Let’s talk about when this tremendous bath bomb hits the water. From the get go it’s very (very) pigmented and immediately the water starts to turn a bright blue. It shoots glitter out in all directions (from the golden stars). The little stars also act as mini bath bombs and they keep fizzing even when the main bath bomb is finished. Now, there is a ridiculous amount of glitter in this bath bomb, which I personally love, but it is definitely one of Lush’s “glitter” bombs. The glitter will 100% stay on your skin (I’ve just used it and I’m currently covered). It will need to be washed out of the bath immediately as well, as I have no doubt this will stain your tub (the final water colour is a very deep, indulgent turquoise). If this is a problem, wouldn’t give this one a go.


Sadly, this was from the Christmas 2016 range, so we’ll have to wait and see if they bring it back for 2017 (why wouldn’t they? Everyone is raving about this bomb!). Since it’s been taken off the website, I don’t actually know what the price was. I would guess it would most likely have been £4.25 or maybe £4.95 (I received it as a present and I am not going to demand how much it was!)


So, overall, the best bath bomb that has ever graced my bath tub. Nothing more to add. This is flipping amazing. If you can get your hands on this (eBay etc.) then I suggest doing so quickly before they are all completely gone! (I’m not a huge fan of buying Lush from anywhere but the Lush website, but on this special occasion, I’ll permit it).

Flynn x