Ladybug bubble bar | Valentine’s 2017

Hi guys! Another Valentine’s range review for you! This time it’s the adorable Ladybug bubble bar, which certainly lives up to it’s name! This is such a cute bubble bar, and it rivals my all time favourite bubble bar, Pink Flamingo! On with the review!

So first off, this bubble bar is quite chunky, which means it’s perfect for multiple uses. I personally used half of it in my bath. It still produced plenty of bubbles and turned the water a gorgeous deep pink-red colour! If you’re after loads of bubbles, then I wouldn’t recommend cutting it down any further than halves.

I bought this product based on it’s looks, so I wasn’t sure what to expect with the scent. It’s quite a sweet, fruity smell, with faint hints of The Comforter? The Lush website states it contains peppermint too, but I couldn’t really detect that to be honest. It’s a very lingering smell; my hair smelled like it for hours afterwards (which is definitely not a bad thing!).

I always struggle on what to say about bubble bars, such they don’t really produce any patterns on the water etc., as their main purpose is to create bubbles.

Overall, cute little bubble bar, retailing at a respectable £3.95 – I’d grab this before it’s too late!

Flynn x


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