Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb | Valentine’s 2017

Hi guys! I was having a bad day and decided to purchase a few bits from the 2017 Valentine’s Day range! Here’s my thoughts on the delicate, gorgeous Rose Bombshell bath bomb.

Firstly, the scent is very, very overwhelming. If you don’t like Rose, do not buy this! It’s a very nice smell, thought it definitely is quite strong (I didn’t have a very long bath, it was quite sickly to be honest). However, some people might love the scent! I’m not used to rose-scented products, so I think I’m a bit sensitive to them!

This bath bomb is quick. Blink, and you’ll miss it! It turns your bath water a lovely bright pink colour, which is very opaque (a pet peeve of mine is when the water isn’t pigmented). Once it’s done fizzing, it releases rose petals into the bath, which is such a nice touch. I really love little surprises in bath bombs. There was no problems with staining, but do make sure you pick out the rose petals before draining, since they clogged up my plug!


Overall, sweet little bath bomb, perfect for a romantic evening for two (or just a good old solo soak!). This bath bomb retails for £4.25, which personally I find to be a little pricey for such a plain bath bomb, but that’s just my opinion.

Flynn x


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