Rose Jam Bubbleroon | Review

Hi guys!

Something a bit different today – a bubbleroon! I know I’ve been completely obsessed with bath bombs lately, so I decided to try something new in my tub today. I’ve never been that interested in the Rose Jam range. This product came in the Happy Bathday tin, so I didn’t really have any choice but to give it a try!

This is such a cute little product! It’s super adorable and combines two of my loves in life: Lush and Macaroons. I’ve seen them in the shops many times, but I’ve just never been drawn to them before. I’m always been distracted by glorious bath bomb displays, or some of the bubble bars (particularly anything multi-coloured). This bubbleroon is bright pink, with a lighter pink “filling” and is dusted with chunky glitter. It looks good enough to eat!

This smells like all of the other Rose Jam products (shower gel etc.), so it obviously smells like rose! I don’t normally go for this scent, and I did find it a little bit too much when I smelt the product directly, but it became so much more subtle when I used it in my bath.

This product will turn your bath water bright pink and make a ridiculous amount of bubbles! I’m not having the best of days, so instead of halving it (like I do with bubble bars) I crumbled the entire thing under running water. This was incredibly messy. Recently, I have discovered a cool way of dispersing the bubble bar, without getting it absolutely everywhere – use a sieve! I saw this online somewhere and a lightbulb went off. It’s such a cool idea and I’m definitely doing to be using it for my next bubble bar.

Overall, cute little product, nice Rose scent and a little goes along way (believe me, there was a lot of bubbles in my bath). I’d definitely recommend trying a bubbleroon sometime soon! This product retails for £3.95, and if you’re not sure if you’d like it, why not ask someone for a demo in store?

Flynn x


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