Father Christmas bath bomb | Review

Okay, so this bath bomb should have been the best of the goddamn bunch for me, given how cute it is and how much I loved it last year. However, I personally feel like this one fell a little short for me.

This bath bomb is (obviously) shaped like Santa’s face, which is pretty cute (though I do find it mildly creepy to look at?). It’s not got much going on, no glitter on the outside or anything. Now, this is fine. This is totally fine. Do I prefer fun and colourful bath bombs? Yes, but this one is pretty adorable.

This bath bomb does kind of come to life in the tub? However, it’s quite a slow fizzer and took maybe 10 minutes to fully dissolve. This is always a huge disappointment to me. I love very explosive bath bombs. After a while the green core begins to dissolve, which turns your bath water into a christmassy green. I mean, it’s nice, but barely any glitter and not really that pigmented? Honestly, disappointing aesthetically.


However, it does have a nice scent to it, though nothing overpowering. Honestly? This really isn’t a product I can rave about. It’s kinda cute, but essentially it’s just not by kind of bath bath. However, it might be for you!

Overall, cute design, pleasant scent, but nothing spectacular about it. I’m pretty sure this retails for £3.95, but could be wrong about that? As ever, Christmas products are only available during the festive season.

Flynn x


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