Shooting Stars bath bomb | Review

Oh. My. God.

This bath bomb is honestly the best goddamn bath bomb I’ve ever seen. It looked stunning when I unwrapped it on Christmas day, but nothing can compare to the beautiful display once it’s placed in the water.

The bath bomb itself is absolutely stunning, with a vibrant sparkly blue base and gold glittery stars to decorate. It’s not too crumbly and has managed to stay in one piece in my lush storage tin.

It smells divine as well. Personally, it reminds me of The Experimenter, which is essentially a mix-up of many different scents.

Let’s talk about when this tremendous bath bomb hits the water. From the get go it’s very (very) pigmented and immediately the water starts to turn a bright blue. It shoots glitter out in all directions (from the golden stars). The little stars also act as mini bath bombs and they keep fizzing even when the main bath bomb is finished. Now, there is a ridiculous amount of glitter in this bath bomb, which I personally love, but it is definitely one of Lush’s “glitter” bombs. The glitter will 100% stay on your skin (I’ve just used it and I’m currently covered). It will need to be washed out of the bath immediately as well, as I have no doubt this will stain your tub (the final water colour is a very deep, indulgent turquoise). If this is a problem, wouldn’t give this one a go.


Sadly, this was from the Christmas 2016 range, so we’ll have to wait and see if they bring it back for 2017 (why wouldn’t they? Everyone is raving about this bomb!). Since it’s been taken off the website, I don’t actually know what the price was. I would guess it would most likely have been Β£4.25 or maybe Β£4.95 (I received it as a present and I am not going to demand how much it was!)


So, overall, the best bath bomb that has ever graced my bath tub. Nothing more to add. This is flipping amazing. If you can get your hands on this (eBay etc.) then I suggest doing so quickly before they are all completely gone! (I’m not a huge fan of buying Lush from anywhere but the Lush website, but on this special occasion, I’ll permit it).

Flynn x





5 thoughts on “Shooting Stars bath bomb | Review

  1. There was a rumour that when they discontinued Honey Bee this would take its place but I didn’t think it was very likely. Did you ever use the old version? At first I wasn’t sure but I think I do like this version better. I think the bath melt stars make it so unique! 😍


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