Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb | Review

Hi guys! ❤ I can’t find this one the website anymore, so I’m presuming this was also part of Lush’s 2017 Christmas range? Who knows, it’s not really that festive, so maybe they’ll bring it back? (I hope they do!)

Anyway, on with the review! This bath  bomb, in my opinion, smells quite like orange, which would match the colour the water turns. It’s a very nice soothing scent, which would be perfect for waking you up on a morning!

DSC_0562FINAL.jpg  DSC_0574FINAL.jpg

As you can see, Never Mind the Ballistics creates a gorgeous pink and yellow pattern on the water as it dissolves. This has got to be one of my favourites for presentation and aesthetic! I’d definitely recommend this bath bomb if you’re looking for the wow factor!

Overall, really pretty bath bomb. It looks, smells and feels great!

(Hope you like the new images I’ve added!)

Flynn x





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