Mistletoe bath bomb | Review

Hey guys! ❤ Really excited for this review! I’ve been wanting this product ever since it hit the website and I’m so so happy that I was gifted it this Christmas! ❤ This bath bomb is absolutely adorable! (Also, I’m trying out a new way to edit and present images, so any feedback would be great!)

Okay, so firstly, let’s talk about the smell. It has a very nice, rich Jasmine smell, which I really enjoyed. Jasmine is a tried and tested bath must-have! Perfect for a relaxing evening bath (my favourite kind of bath). The scent is very pleasant and isn’t overwhelming at all, which is always great!

This bath bomb looks amazing when you drop it into the water! The spinning motion of the bath bomb creates beautiful pink, white and blue swirls. There is glitter in this product though, so be warned! I’ve heard some people complaining that this bath bomb is so pigmented and it stains your tub, so my best advice for you is to make sure you rinse the bath out after you get out. My bath isn’t stained at all and I couldn’t see a residual glitter either, so just follow this advice and you’ll be fine! I promise, this is not as glittery as Intergalactic (which I have been banned from using in our bathtub!). This bomb turns your bath water a nice purple-pink colour, with tiny flecks of glitter (all natural of course!). It leaves your skin feeling soft and silky as well, always a bonus!

Unfortunately, this bath bomb isn’t being sold anymore, unless you managed to snag one in the Boxing day sale (I gave up!). Let’s hope Mistletoe makes a return for next Christmas!

Flynn x


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