Snow Fairy shower gel | Review

Cannot rave about this shower gel enough!

Everyone seems to absolutely adore this shower gel, so I picked up the mini version earlier this year (October/November), not long after the Christmas range hit the shops. I’m almost out of the mini version, so it was fate when my friend bought me the 500g version for Christmas!

The smell of this shower gel is breathtaking. It smells exactly like the Rock Star soap (one of my all time favourites). For those of you unfamiliar with Rock Star, it smells essentially like bubblegum. The smell stays on your skin for hours after you shower and it makes your entire bathroom smell wonderful.

Lush shower gels really are the best shower gels I’ve ever used- they last absolutely ages! A little dollop is all you need for a full body wash! A lot of people have been put off by the price, but I wouldn’t let it stop you, you’ll get your money’s worth!

Overall, Snow Fairy is the perfect Christmas shower gel, guaranteed to make your winter mornings delightful! The 500g bottle retails for £12.95, or you can opt for the 100g (£3.95), 250g (£7,95) or the huge 1kg (£21.50)! This is a Christmas product, so get it quickly before it disappears for another year!

Flynn x



3 thoughts on “Snow Fairy shower gel | Review

  1. Oh I wish I would’ve bought this one too. I recently bought the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner (still trying to figure out how much of it is needed each time i’m in the shower) and I love the smell. It’s a shame they don’t sell them all year round. Which other shower gel would you recommend from Lush for a sensitive, dry skin? Fantastic blog by the way, Lush heaven haha. Keep it up!

    Would you be interested in writing/sharing a couple of articles on I’d love to see more if this kind of content on the platform as we continue to branch out. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail for more information. You can find my contact details on my blog. Hope to hear from you.


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