Lush haul update

Hi guys! Just a quick update on my recent lush haul. I’ve tried out all the products and here are my verdicts! (I accidently deleted individual images of the products, except for Lava lamp, so I thought I’d use that as my cover photo!)

Karma Komba shampoo bar

This does wonders for my horrendously bleach-damaged hair. It leaves my hair soft and shiny. I purchased a tin for it from depop, and unfortunately now have the shampoo bar stuck inside the tin. Top tip – DO NOT PUT THIS PRODUCT INTO THE TIN WET! I’m in the process of cutting away the tin so I can use the product again though!

Guardian of the forest bath bomb

This product was super fun to watch in the bath! The deep green colours were amazing and my whole bathroom smelt amazing! After all the fabulous fizzing, the water turns a vibrant green colour (but don’t worry, it doesn’t stain the tub!). This product sells out so quickly on the website, so get it while you can! 10/10 for presentation!

Lava lamp bath bomb

This was a really interesting bath bomb. The little dark purple spots are actually really creamy and I presume are made from shea butter? They pop out when the bath bomb is fizzing and I used them on my skin. Be careful, they pigment WILL stain blonde/light hair, so wash your hands before handling your hair! Honestly, it was kind of fun have purple splodges in my hair, however it will wash out in the shower. Love this product and I’d definitely recommend giving it a go!

More lush hauls etc. to come soon hopefully! Going to try and get loads of things for uni so maybe a fresher’s haul is on the way?

Flynn ❤



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