Creamy Candy bubble bar

One of my holy grail Lush products! Repurchase it whenever I’m in Lush! This smells exactly like the Rockstar soap. It has a very strong, sweet smell, so if you’re not into that, maybe not for you! Otherwise, give it a go!

This product is cheaper than a lot of other bubble bars and is slightly smaller, but makes just as many bubbles. It turns your bath water a pastel pink colour (with no staining). The smell really lingers on your skin for hours after your bath. Lush need to make a perfume with this scent. Absolutely gorgeous.

Although this is a small bubble bar, you can still reuse it just like the other bubble bars available at Lush. I usually break this in half or use it whole. Your bath water will still look and smell amazing if you only use half!

RRP: £2.95

Don’t think they offer samples of these, but why not ask and see? If not, ask for a demo in store!


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