Ultraviolet bubble bar

Bought this bubble bar based on the fact that it has the same scent as Daddy-o shampoo (one of my favourite lush scents). It smells wonderful and leaves the scent on your skin and hair after your bath. The scent is a little unusual, so if you were to purchase one of these, pop into store to have a sniff first. I personally think the smell is a combination of daddy-o shampoo and freshly cut grass (no, not a new lush product!)

Great value for money. I chose to cut this bubble bar into 3 chunks, to get 3 baths from it. Even with a small chunk, it produces loads of bubbles and turns your bath water a deep purple-blue colour.

Sadly this product was only available for a limited time! Hopefully they’ll bring it out again next year- I’ll be waiting.

RRP: £4.75

Not sure on samples of bubble bars, but why not ask just in case?


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