Rockstar soap

This is my first Lush soap and so far I am loving it! It smells just like Snow Fairy and you can smell it on your skin for hours after you use it.

This soap is really affordable and I would definitely recommend trying it if you haven’t already tried any of Lush’s soaps. This has lasted me ages. The easiest way to use the soap is to cut off small pieces to wash your hands with or use in the shower. This means none of the soap gets wasted by dissolving in the water before use.

The smell is honestly the best thing about this product. It smells of sweets, so it’s definitely one to try if you like that type of scent. The soap has tiny little pieces of glitter in it, which don’t particularly stick to your body, but do make it pretty to look at! Lathers up really nicely too.

RRP: £3.50 (100g)

Not sure about samples of soaps, wouldn’t hurt to ask though!


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